Oh boy. 2010 is no more. And 2011 is already going by fast.
So many new things are going on this year.. and I am SOOO EXCITED! Some new things are:
-Blogging more often
-Working on my [someday] etsy store
-Taking fun pictures with friends
-Thinking more and more about college
-Being in God's word every day
Also, something new that's happening this year...

This year, I will be finding a new home for Daisy Dog. Since I will be heading off to college in a little over a year (soo near!), I have decided to not place the burden of taking care of my sweet puppy on my mom and am working on finding a good home for her. So, if you know of someone that is able to take in a very active and loving miniature bull terrier, let me know. I am sad to let her go, but it will be best for her, and our family.
I also have some adorable new glasses that I have been asked to show off, and I certainly will tomorrow, with some fun lovlies that I loving (obviously.)
Well, more tomorrow!
Love, Stargirl.

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amy said...

Yay! More blogging!

I can't wait to see what you've knitted! I'm sure it will be amazing!