Inspiration: Adele

 Oh Adele. Not only does she have exceptional style, but she possesses such a strong body image, even though she has gotten quite a bit of criticism for not being a size 2 like every other young woman celebrity out there. For many, the fact that she doesn't fit the "socially accepted" body style for women today is so incredibly empowering  especially since she advocates how comfortable she is with her body.
I have personally struggled for years with my own body image, resulting in some harsh criticism of myself. When I first starting listening to Adele's beautiful music, I thought that she was like every other female musician: fashionable and tiny (disclaimer: there is anything wrong with women that are small, because every woman is beautiful, I'm just expressing my own struggles, and how society forces the need to fit into a "correct" body size onto women and girls today). I was so surprised when I discovered that Adele and I are about the same size. Even then, I never thought that I would be comfortable or happy with my body until I was down to x-size or x-weight.
Over the past week, I have realized that I no longer want to beat myself up trying to conform to the "correct" body size. I have had piles of "goal-clothing" stacked up in my closet for months, and I have decided to get rid of it all, and move on. I'm tired of being held back by what society dictates, and to start loving my body, because God made me in his image, his perfect image. And to him, my body is perfect.
We should all take note and adopt Adele's attitude: it doesn't matter what others think of your body, but what you think of your body and that you love it. For me, Adele has been exceptionally inspiring in this whole revelation of my thought process, and I can only hope that other girls will hear her message, and kick the whole I-hate-my-body-because-it-isn't-like-a-celebrity's mindset to the curb.
Therefore, I am Abbey Elizabeth, and I am not size: 6, 8, or 10. I am size: curvy.


Danna said...

:D I needed to read this. Thanks! Love you, curvy girl!

Abbey Elizabeth said...

You're welcome! Sometimes we all need some encouragement!

Abbey Elizabeth said...

Oh, and love you too!