30 Things.

 Hey everybody!
Danielle from Sometimes Sweet did a "30 Things" post about herself, and encouraged others to do the same thing, so here we go!

1. I have always lived in a small town in Oklahoma

2. I have dreams of owning a photography studio/coffee and cupcake shop.

3. I love being a redhead, but I'm a natural dirty blonde.

4. I am going to get my first tattoo on my 18th birthday, only 10 more months!

5. I would really love to learn how to play the piano

6. I love vintage dresses, and would love to have more in my collection.

7. My first boyfriend was in 3rd grade, Matt Sumner. We "went out" for a day. And then he broke up with me. I cried. We laugh about it now.

8. Even though I live in Oklahoma, I HATE country music. It's one of the worst things ever.

9. I think that black boys are really cute.

10. My favorite hot drink is a Chai Latte.

11. I went to Haiti the summer of 2010, and cannot wait to go back and eventually live there for a little while.

12. I love all the seasons, but I really only love winter when it snows!

13. I have an extreme case of senioritis, but I'm a junior!

14. I am really scared of spiders, and the dark.

15. I walk around humming whatever  music we are currently playing in orchestra, and sometimes that's not a good thing.

16. I love the movie Pretty in Pink, it always inspires me to be really creative.

17. I really don't like to dance.

18. My wardrobe consists of mostly dresses and cardigans.

19. I inherited the seamstress in me from my grandma, she's amazing with any type of sewing, and she also taught me how to crochet. But, I taught myself how to knit one night.

20. Creepily, me and my dad's kindergarten school pictures look EXACTLY THE SAME. Except, I had long hair, and he's a boy. But, it's still creepy.

21. I wouldn't be half the girl I am today without God's never ending love and grace. I couldn't survive every day on this earth without him. He makes my life worth living.

22. My dream cars are: a classic VW Bug, a VW Bus, a '72 Chevy Cheyenne, and a hybrid (preferably that new Chevy Volt, it is SOO COOOL!)

23. Since I was little (and until about 2 years ago!), I was convinced that I was going to marry one of my best guy friends (and my mom's best friend's son), but now we are really good friends.

24. I am an only child, but have adopted all of my good friends as siblings, and always wished for a little sister.

25. I am probably one of the least athletic people you will ever meet, plus I'm a total clutz. I mean, I totally screwed up my wrist playing basketball, in 4th grade. Basketball isn't a big deal in 4th grade!

26. Deep down, I'm kinda one of those crazy cat ladies. I have two cats, but I do absolutely love dogs. Just the really lazy ones who have the urge to exercise about as much as I do, which is not at all.

27. Before I go to college, I want to make a quilt

28. I love humidity, it makes my hair look amazing! (Cause I have curly hair)

29. Favorites: teal, the number 29, rain, trees, chocolate, Christmas, old cameras

30. I want to live in a cute little old house someday, and have an awesome garden. And some land. For horses.

Well, that's a little bit about me, and you should share some about yourself!
Thats all I have tonight, and yet another snow day tomorrow as the next storm moves in!
XOXO, Abs.


nellie rae said...

i loved this. i dont know if could come up with 30 things. lol!

Abbey Elizabeth said...

Ohh, of course you could!