Getting back into a system

 Hello world! Today I actually got up at a decent time, showered, and got ready for the day BEFORE noon! (that is quite a feat for a teenager during the summer, just saying. AND I even did yoga.. yeah, be proud)
Anyways, I am currently in the works of growing my hair out, and I think that I might be able to rock the middle part.. What do you guys think? I get like super fed up with bangs, like ALL the time. Cause, my hair is curly, and that means that my bangs will sometimes decide to curl... and their not supposed to. They are so stubborn. Here are some pictures to help you guys decide on the middle part idea.. plus I did get a little carried away with taking pics of myself. Guilty as charged (:

 Well, middle part? Yes? I like it.
 Even though I didn't go anywhere today, I did actually put on a publicly-acceptable outfit (meaning that I didn't just wear pj's and a bra all day.. cause thats what normal happens), and this is what I wore. I actually kinda made over the romper.. as you can probably see, it used to be a drop waist, which happens to look absolutely awful on me, so I took off the piece of fabric that made it a drop waist... Et voila! A romper that can easily cater to my hourglass figure, which I love. Romper and leggings are from Target (as most of my clothing is..). Shirt from Delia's. Cardi from Old Navy. And belt is thrifted.
On that thought.. I recently thrifted a couple of dresses, that I will soon be making over. And I'm kinda excited. Cause I have never bought real clothing at a thrift store. And it's just cool. Yes, I am a nerd.

And finally.. one of the best desserts ever: nutella and bananas. I also had cashews, but I hadn't put them in the bowl yet. It's really good.
Go home, and try it. Right now. You must. But only if you want to.
Well... I'm off to bed!

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