Kitten Kisses.

So, I have this precious baby. Her name is Pheobe. She is my little over one-year-old ragdoll kitten. Yes, a cat. And yes, she is my baby. Pheobe is quite interesting. She is the only cat I have ever known that has no idea how to get mad at somebody, not even at my cranky old cat, Chloe, who can be quite evil. She's probably the sweetest cat I've ever known, and even my vet said that she was rare (she is the only cat that they have ever put under anesthesia who didn't fight or get angry when the first put her under, cause supposedly cats do that??). But anyways, we got Pheobe about a year ago, on January 2, coming home from Atlanta, GA. She's really shy, but so sweet and adorable and fluffy. Yeah, reallllllllllly fluffy. And her breed, ragdoll? Best breed ever. Know where they got their name? Well, when you pick them up, they go completely, I mean COMPLETELY limp, just like a ragdoll, and Pheobe doesn't even like being held.
But the thing I love the most about Pheobe is when she gets in bed with me at night. When I go to bed, Pheobe automatically jumps up in my bed and snuggles with me. She usually curls up right next to my face so that she can lick my face. She gives me kitten kisses, and they are so sweet. I just love my baby girl.
Her favorite spot on the couch. She always looks like she's hugging the couch, and holding on for dear life. It's so cute. 

She always likes to play with my knitting needles. It's so cute. 
I also have some puppy loves, well, puppies that I really want some day...
 I so so so so so so so want a french bull dog puppy some day! Aren't they just precious?? But, they just happen to be one of the most expensive dogs on the planet, like no joke.
So, in the mean time, I would love to get a sweet black pug puppy. I think that black pugs are so cute! And look at that little pink tongue! It is soo adorable. 
Those are my animal loves, what are yours??
Xoxo, Abbey. 


Jessi said...

Oh I wanted a bull dog to but there is no way I could afford one!

Abbey Elizabeth said...

I'm planning on getting one far down the line, cause I'm going to college in a year-ish, and I can't take a puppy with me!