Weekend Loves.

This weekend was kinda crazy..
On Friday night, Relay for life started at my school.. It went from 7:00pm to 7:00am the next morning, and I stayed up all night. It was super fun, and it helped to raise money for cancer and to honor survivors and fighters. We had so many fun activities.. like Miss Relay for Life Competition (aka Drag Queen Competition)
My friend Natalie and J.T., her boyfriend. I've known them both for forever, and it was quite disturbing seeing J.T. like this. 

This was "Katy Perry". "She" gave us a free concert cause we didn't have any money to give "her". "She" sang us the song "Firework". It was a little weird. But quite funny. 

More free concerts. 

"Katy Perry's" crowning as Miss Queen of Relay 2011 by last year's Queen. "She" squealed at this point. And I'm quite glad that I got the face "she" made. 
Now, don't think that the Jenks High School boys just dress up like girls and run around at any other school function, it really was all to a good cause. In the competition, there were two rounds and in the first round about 15 guys went around collecting money, and the five who got the most money moved on to the finals, for the dance off. All of the money that these boys collected went to Relay for Life. (See, I told you there was a good cause to the madness).
My team also enjoyed playing various games throughout the night, like catch phrase with my Yearbook teacher, Mrs. Morgan, and this game called Headbands.

Basically, you have to ask questions to guess what you are.. It was pretty hilarious.
And tonight, Whitney and I went to Kaffe Bona for coffee/dinner. I so needed a coffee date with her, cause I really missed our weekly dates. We literally spend at least an hour just talking about tattoos and coming up with tattoo ideas, and it has been decided that after graduation we are going to get mustache tattoos on our fingers. Cause we are just that cool.
My most amazing chocolate cake I had tonight. YUM.

And the most adorable Whitney. I love her sooo much. 
 That was pretty much my weekend! I think I should just start doing my "My week in pictures" posts.. Might be a good idea!
Goodnight everyone, and have a wonderful week!
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth.

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