Day Dreaming.

So, today Whitney and I started doing yoga. And man, was it hard. I mean, we did a stinking beginner's video, and we were falling ALL over the place. But, afterwards we felt so good and refreshed and relaxed. Seriously guys, yoga is amazing. Go try it.
I'm kinda excited for a few things right now..
1. Mommy and I are going to be working on a little project together.
2. Getting in shape for summer
3. Getting my permit (FINALLY)!
4. Spring! I can't wait for the warmer weather!
5. More project restyles
6. Working on my soon-to-be etsy!
7. Hopefully getting a job so I can buy one of these..

8. Going back to OCU soon. (and OKC for that matter...)
9. Dying my hair back to my normal color
10. Working on some journals.
11. Tattoos!
Just my current day dreams..... What are you dreaming about??
Sweet dreams and love, Abbey Elizabeth.

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