So, I always plan to post about things.. and then I get caught up doing other things, and then it's time for bed... And basically, I never post things when I plan to. 
Mais, c'est la vie, non?
Anyways, I was going to blog about this weekend today, but I guess that will just have to happen tomorrow, right? I'm feeling a whole lot better than I was earlier, and cannot wait for an exceptional spring break. Tomorrow, I am planning on:
1. Studying for my permit test
2. Planning an oh-so-fabulous Mardi Gras party
3. Doing some project restyling
4. Shopping for vintage fabrics for projects this summer
5. Reorganizing my huge blue cabinet in my room.. and my closet.. and nightstand... and dresser.. and craft table.. and....... (you get the picture)
6. And maybe do some spring cleaning. 
Just a little side note... I am being sooooo inspired by this lovely lady right now. 
I am inspired by her so simple, yet beautiful fashion. And those EYES! How can you not love her eye make up? It makes me just swoon, and want to go buy fake eyelashes and do my make up like this every day!
all pictures via weheartit
Isn't she adorable?
Ok. Well, that's all I have for tonight. 
Lots of love, and sweet dreams! 
Abbey Elizabeth. 

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