Oh Happy Day!

Today was an absolutely wonderful day. The morning started out quite cold, but it quickly warmed up, and got nice and sunny and warm. School went pretty well, except the fact that I took the hardest math test of my life! Stupid calculus!!! Anyways, after school I did some really relaxing yoga after school, which allowed me to really focus on breathing and really feeling every muscle. It felt super good. Then we went to dinner at Mazzios with my grandpa, which was quite hilarious. When we got home, mom and I went on an excellent bike ride, and it sure did work my muscles! As I went outside to take pictures of my bike for this post, my cat, Chloe, decided to come outside.

It was kinda adorable, actually. She was soooo curious and just sniffed around everything.
So, this past weekend I got an iPod touch, and quite frankly, I love it. I was planning on getting an iPhone later this year, but the prices for the plans each month are crazy expensive, and the only real reason why I wanted one was because of the apps. Now that I have my iPod touch, I don't really need one now! I already have like tons of apps, and I'm loving all the fun things that I can do with it (like this blog post! Eeeek! And I got a yoga app for this weekend since I'm going to be gone. I know, I'm kinda yoga-obsessed).
Soooo that's what's been going in in my world today. How's yours been??
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth

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