The past week, via photos.

This past week I:
Took pictures of dice while Trent taught a class. And yes, I was still paying attention.
This is Daniel. He's great. Except for when he takes pictures of me.  
 Rancho Grande. Great food. 
 Emily Paige. I heart her. 
 Aim flag ceremony. So proud of Hannah.

 Sitting area in Cafe Sol

 I have to say, bet candid shot ever. I love his expression in this pic.
 The lovely Miss Karyn.
 Amazing brother/sister duet. 
 "Coffee" drinkers. 

 They danced, alot. And it was adorable. 

 Me and the lovely Karyn
 Brianna Gaither! Such an amazing voice (and hair, just saying).

 Happy Birthday Daddy!
 We kinda failed...... Epically. Ok, I failed epically. 

 My adorable mommy and daddy. 
 My version of a birthday card.
 Something my mom has been working on (although, this is one that my mom's friend made..). And when I took this pic was when I realized that my camera was capable of live view! Which made sooo many pics I took today possible, and I will share them tomorrow. 
 This week's challenge: wear jeans the whole school week. This was Tuesday, and below is Wednesday. I made it through Thursday, although I don't have Monday or Thursday pictured. And Friday came, and I snapped. I just couldn't do it. My dresses called to me. 

 On Wednesday we went to Genghis Grill to celebrate my daddy's birthday (and to raise money for my prom! Woot!). And it was super good. I tried the tofu, and I actually liked it. The texture wasn't what I expected, but it was still good. 
Tomorrow I am planning a HUGE post of what I did all day today, and how much fun I had. So... stay tuned! 
What all have you been doing in the past week? 
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth

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