So much.

This past week has been so super crazy. The past weekend I went on a leadership retreat with my youth group, and had a blast. All kinds of great things came from that weekend, which I will share next week, or sunday, or whenever I have time to breathe. After getting back I spent a few days catching up with school work, and then more work was piled on. And pretty much, things got crazy. I'm just a tad bit more than stressed, but c'est la vie.
This week has been so amazing guys. I mean, wow. I am so blessed. Quite a few things have happened this week, well really only one big main thing..... And it involves a boy. But that's a story I will tell the next time I really blog, so that I will have pics to show.
So, recap of the past week:
Saw an amazing musical.
Went to a challenging retreat.
Enjoyed spending time/ getting to know this wonderful boy.
Challenges to leading a class at this weekend's retreat {my youth minister is so tricky; leadership retreat one weekend, next weekend a retreat where we put those leadership skills to use}.
My dear friend Emily got baptized!!
Life/school/craziness happened.

I feel like sometimes there are those weeks, or even months when you feel like you have so much to do, so many productive things to take care of, but there just isn't enough hours in the day. I generally find myself realizing this after I have wasted precious hours doing completely unproductive things for a while, letting so many things build up. I wish that sometimes I had the super power to pause time, just so that I would have he ability to get all these things done.
Well, I need to go wash out his hair color! Back to true red! Don't worry, I'll post pictures later, cause I just know that y'all were worried about that.
Sweet dreams!

XOXO. Abbey Elizabeth

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