Hi, I'm a Mac.

I must say, I cannot express my frustrations enough with this small 17" laptop sitting on my lap, right now, that is a PC. I have had urges of the last week to:
-throw it through a wall
-place it in a bathtub full of water
-smash it with a hammer
-hold a really big magnet to it
-detach the screen from the base
-throw it through the window
-throw it in the neighbor's backyard to let their dogs eat it
-spill my drink on it
-and others.
Basically, I'm a little annoyed. Do we know what is wrong with this laptop? Yeah, EVERYTHING. (Actually, we really don't know, but that's just what it feels like.) So. No pictures being posted on my blog anytime soon. This week, my task is to back up all the things that I don't want to get lost, so that we can take this lovely piece of horrible machinery to get fixed. Yay. I'm thrilled. So, it might be a while before I post any pictures of my party. Sad times. Can I just say, that I can't wait until I get my Mac. I just can't wait.
Thats all for now, and hopefully I will get to do some real blogging soon.
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth.

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