Adventures of A+E // Daily Outfit

Yesterday Emma and I went on a little adventure around Tulsa. We started out our day at Qdoba, where we ate lunch, and the best fast food restaurant ever. Then we headed over to the Philbrook Museum, where we acted kinda silly.. but what else are best friends supposed to do? We giggled at the awkward staff following us silly teenagers around, and marveled at the amazing paintings and sculptures and lithographs that were hung in the museum, and then stood out in the garden under the "wedding dome" and looked over the gorgeous garden. Then after walking around for a few hours and then going out into the heat, we went to Cherry Berry for some much needed froyo.
 Emma got a small portion of chocolately and peanut butter wonderfulness(it was the first ice-cream treat that she's ever finished eating!), and I got white chocolate and red velvet froyo (I finally got to have the red velvet!) with cheesecake, cookie dough, brownie, streuesel topping, and rice mochi, and we enjoyed them and talked for a while.
THEN, we went back to Emma's house and started watching the Lion King, so that we could see this certain scene that has this certain thing in it, similar to the castle in The Little Mermaid.. if you know what I'm talking about. And we ALMOST finished it, but Emma had to go to church, and my lactose intolerantness was acting up (which isn't fun, just saying), so we had to leave the movie.
The End.

And this is the outfit I wore yesterday, which is a combination of things I wear ALL the time, and something I don't think I have ever worn! Shirt: Old Navy (this is what I've never worn). Dress: Francesca's Collection. Belt: thrifted. Leggings: Target. Shoes: Toms (which I love, and will totally do a post on them. cause they're amazing)
I hope that your week has been amazing so far!

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