My Creative Space

Yesterday, I took some time to reorganize my creative space, which I had moved from the office back to my room a few weeks ago, because it was kinda hard for me to work while my mom is working, since I can't listen to music. And let me tell you, I need my music. Anyways, I moved everything over, and it was so totally awesome, until life happened. Let me tell you what that means. When I say life happened, that means that my desk became a catch-all for anything and everything, which kinda puts a damper on the creative juices, just like not being able to listen to music. Soooooo, I spend yesterday re-organizing, moving things around, getting things out into the open.
 I added this little table into the space for more out-in-the-open-storage, which is my favorite kind of storage, cause then I can see things, hence the name, right? Yeah. Way to just talk in a circle, yep. That said, I'm the kind of person that if I don't see something, I wont use it. Kinda silly, I know, but that's just how I am.
The bird's-eye-view of the lovely creative space. Now, if you scroll back and forth between this picture ^ and the one below, it looks really cool. Or maybe I'm just a big nerd, and find these sort of things amusing, but whatever. The picture below is how my desk looks at this very moment. Like, seriously. I can't wait until I have my own home with a room dedicated to crafts.
This is the current project I am working on: my summer dream list. Basically it's a list of all kinds of random things that I want to do this summer, in what very little time I have left! Currently I have two of these things completed.. which means that I need to add to the pages in this journal. Which means, that I should probably get off the computer and do that... But will I..?? Who knows... probably not (:
Regardless, have a wonderful day, and try not to fry outside, that is if you live in an area that has been under an extreme heat advisory for like a month, like me. Oh the joys of Oklahoma.

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