Dorm Decor Love // Bedding

As I am about to embark on my senior year of high school, I have decided to think ahead and brainstorm on what I think my bed shall be dressed with. Cause that is totally way more important than applying to colleges. Yeah, I knew that you would think so as well.
Anyways, here's what I love!

Ok, seriously, an adorable floral pillow and a sleeping fox pillow?! I don't think UO could do much better. I really want to have a yellow quilt, cause it's just a super cheery color, and right now I have a colored quilt on my bed, and after a year or so with black or grey, color makes me smile.

Yet again, UO never ceases to amaze with:
1. Pillows with one of my favorite sayings on them
2. A freaking cat pillow!!
3. A freaking MUSTACHE pillow!!!
And that blanket in the middle is just about the most gorgeous blanket I have ever seen. Like, no joke.

I think that these just speak for themselves, and that I don't have to reiterate how amazing UO really is.

And finally, what will I snuggle up in while I'm cozy on my dorm room bed reading a book?? A tiger blanket/hoodie/what-a-snuggie-should-be/pullover thing. And it's just cute.

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