Eureka Springs // Part One: The Town

Eureka Springs.
What can I say that will encompass this interesting town? It is a town of so many beautiful things:  the Victorian architecture, the Basin Park Square, the quaint novelty shops, the absence of perpendicular roads.
It is also a town of very interesting, but amazing people.. But that's tomorrow night's story.
Tonight, I only have enough time to talk briefly about the beautiful town before heading off to bed to rest up for my first couple photoshoot tomorrow!
Anyways, Eureka Springs. When we first arrived, we drove through all of these winding roads past some pretty interesting hotels. This one claimed that the town was Arkansas's "little Switzerland", one seemed to be restored to it's fifties glory- but I thought that they were all so cute, and have decided that some day I will take a trip and stay at a different hotel there every night. Just to say I've experienced them all. Cause I like doing weird stuff like that. Yes, incase you don't know, I am kind of a nerd. But hey, I embrace it.
Wow, I keep on getting off subject tonight, so bear with me.
Once we got to our hotel, got cleaned up (and I realized how horribly sunburnt I was from the lake, which is still burning. Ouch!), we headed to downtown Eureka Springs for dinner and the famous monthly drum circle.
And I know, you are so eagerly anticipating information about this drum circle right now, but, as I previously explained, no time for that tonight. Like, seriously. I didn't even have time to edit all the pictures. So, be patient, and wait for tomorrow. Patience is a virtue, after all.
Geraldi's is the lovely Italian restaurant that we stopped at for dinner, and man, do they know how to make some pesto spaghetti. Yummmmmy! (And I can't wait to try this on my own, just saying.) The entirety of this restaurant I believe is smaller than my living room that I am typing from at the moment, which isn't very big, and the kitchen took up half of it. And I'm pretty sure that like 15 people from my youth group went to dinner there. At the same time. And there were still non-youth group people in there. So, needless to say, it was cramped. But, it reminded me of the adorable Pizza House on Commercial Street in Springfield, MO. And that made me smile.
Dinner was not only tasty, but it provided us with some great opportunities to people-watch (which sounds kinda creepy, but I am just going to keep on reassuring myself that you are reading this thinking "oh, no it's not, everybody does it, in fact I just saw this lady today who.... etc. " I'm hoping you are atleast) and man, there are some very interesting people in that town. I must say, I never got bored at trying to figure out what people's tattoos were, since I have a fascination with tattoos (and can't wait to get mine in like, 5 months! eeeek!).
After that, we headed off to the drum circle, which was a cultural experience in itself.
And now, I must leave you hanging. But, as you can see, I meant for it to be this way. So that you will keep coming back for more. I know, it's a genius plan.
Goodnight World.

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