Happy Holidays!

hello everyone! it has been the longest time since i have posted, and i have been seriously missing it! i was going to do a super fun post filled with me playing with one of my christmas gifts, but.... i kinda got sidetracked reading really pretty blogs and dreaming up a beautiful new blog design! so, this is me telling you that there will be some things changing here the next few days.. and i am so giddy about it.. cause i'm nerdy like that. i wish that i could do it now, but i need my dear friend ali to take some pictures for me tomorrow so that i can add some eye-candy to my blog!
in other news... my 18th birthday is this week!! woohoo! and......... i have an appointment for 2:00 on thursday (my birthday) for my first tattoo! i am more than excited! like, words cant even explain. i have been waiting for this day for months, and its finally almost here! and don't worry.. i will definitely have pictures to show on thursday, and hopefully ali will be there to take some pictures! (i sure am making tons of plans for her, without her knowing.. lets just hope that she's ok with it!)
it's nice to be back after a crazy couple of months, that i just don't want to talk about. i'm looking ahead to this fabulous new year!
xoxo, abbey.

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