Overflowing with inspiration

i received the blog love e-course (from Red Velvet, the amazing store owned by this lovely lady) as a christmas gift, and i have already made read through every session, making tons of little notes all along the way! needless to say, i am more than inspired right now. i am so excited to start working on redesigning my blog in any amount of free time this week!
so, i wanted to just give you guys a peek of what has been going through my mind 24-7 since i started this course! i love all of these rich colors, and i am just giddy to reveal my new blog design and so many different and new features to my blog! eeek. i just cannot contain my excitement. 
also, i have decided to not post my "picture a day" pictures every single day on my blog, because that just seems kinda redundant. instead, i will upload them every day to my flickr account if you want to keep track, and then i will post a weekly recap of the pictures i took over the previous week!
have a splendid week!
xoxo, abbey.

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