Tough Cookies.

In the next year, I am going to be faced with some difficult decisions. College.
Now, I have adamantly believed that I will be attending Roger State University, located about 45 minutes away from my hometown, in Claremore. Claremore is alot like my town, very small, and a suburb of Tulsa, which is why I liked it so much. But, sometimes I wonder if I would want to go somewhere new, some new scenery. I have looked at a school in Springfield, MO, called Drury University, which I think would be a good place to go, since they have a combined photography and graphic design major. Also, I just absolutely fell IN LOVE with Springfield when my family and I took a little road trip there, and I would love love love to live there, for any amount of time. Plus, I have never moved, once in my life.. and I would love to see some new scenery, something other than Tulsa.
Regardless to say, I'm torn.
Well, that's all for tonight..
Xoxo, Abbey.

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amy said...

Pray, pray, pray....God will show you where to go! Love you!